Thursday, 27 December 2012

Computer easel card

Hope you ALL had a lovely Christmas.

One of our IT men was leaving, he is the main man for our 'puter system, so don't know what we will do without him.  I thought a card would perhaps show him we did care about him leaving, so this is what I made.

I downloaded a clear 'puter screen keyboard and mouse, I then looked for some computer language to put on the screen adding "new job". I made an easel card, put the empty screen inside and made a fault message on the screen, added a verse 3D'd the keyboard and mouse.  The mouse meant the card 8 x 8 was then too big for the envelope aarrgghh! so I made an envelope to match the background paper, that took longer than the card, as I had to get the measurements right. I'm glad to say it was well received.


  1. Great card Faith and perfect for the occasion.

  2. Lovely card Faith and so perfect for a birthday card.
    Thanks for sharing,Jocelan

  3. Just brilliant! I love it and I am sure he will too

  4. Oh this is so clever and fabulous too.

  5. Wow, Faith! I think this is the most amazing card I've ever seen!

  6. Clever, clever, clever you Faith! What a wonderful card for the IT main man! Vicky x

  7. Thank you yet again Faith..I have been trying to make a laptop template and always gave up when it came to the keyboard never thought to use a picture instead of a cutting file DOH! Fantastic card and thank-you for being the brains of the operation I'll give full credit when I post the file :)


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