Friday, 30 March 2012

NOW CLOSED - My Birthday Candy keeping on top 'till end of March 2011 to give you a chance

Hi Everyone and most of all my most faithful followers.
image from Laurie Furnell's Senior Moments at PC Crafter.
Just wanted you to know, I am a true Senior Citizen 65 years young as of midnight tonight 8th March and I shall be semi retiring at the end of this month (March) hopefully to give me more time to post comments and visit your blogs more often. In celebration of my semi retiriement (not my birthday, as I celebrated at 60, I also received my State pension and bus pass then) now this birthday is another day, OK not quite LOL.

 I shall be offering a little candy in celebration of both occasions, so everyone who comments here (I'd love you to follow) will be entered into my little draw, my Hubby shall pull a name out of a hat at the end of the month, (when I reduce my work hours) so plenty of time to comment (or follow).  I can't tell you what it will be as I haven't got it yet!  BUT I will make it worthwhile and will add it to this post later.

Thank you all for the inspiration and encouragement I have had, it really has made a difference.

I promised I would make it worthwhile, well here it is, ALL brand new.  I hope that what I have chosen will be helpful in your particular way of crafting.


  1. Happy Birthday Faith! Congratulations also on your semi-retirement! I hope you enjoy every moment!

  2. Happy Birthday Faith!!! Hope you really enjoy your semi-retirement and get more time to craft. I cut my work hours down quite a lot last year but still don't seem to have enough hours in the day - lol.
    Love that image by the way.
    Denise xx

  3. Happy Birthday Faith, have a wonderful day tomorrow! Hope you have a fabulous semi-retirement.

  4. Happy Birthday Faith, I hope you have a great day tomorrow. Enjoy your semi retirement
    Beryl x

  5. Oh very Happy Birthday Faith .. i hope you have a lovely day .. and are well and truly spoilt.
    Best Wishes
    Lisa x

  6. Happy birthday Faith wishing you a wonderful day with your loved ones and wishing you a craft filled retirement. Am trying to send you an email but it says your email does not exist !! could you send me your email ( if that's ok )


  7. Whoop Whoop! Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES going your way Faith. I'll be joining you in just about 20 years!

    Also wishing you a Happy Semi-Retirement at the end of the month. ENJOY! xxxx

  8. Happy Birthday Faith, enjoy your day and retirement.

  9. Happy Birthday a bit late. I hope it was much more than an ordinary day and that you treated yourself to something special. You'll be surprised at how busy retirement will keep you! Enjoy!

  10. Belated happy Birthday, Faith! Enjoy your semi- retirement x

  11. Nice to see you back again! Congratulations on reaching the significant birthday and enjoy the little extra free time - you've earned it!


  12. I hope you had a lovely birthday Faith and enjoy your semi retirement at the end of this've earned it :) Sarah xx

  13. Belated Happy Birthday Faith - I shall be reaching the same significant birthday in April!! If you'd like to check out my blog there's something there for you should you choose to accept it.

  14. I have had a facebook comment off an old "cardie" friend who for some reason can't comment here and commented on my Facebook page instead, here is what she wrote.

    Barbara Clooney Welcome to the Bus Pass Clan. I will have a ball snooping around here and enjoying your creations.

    Now your into CS5 also. Cost me £170. All thanks to Windows 7 and the purchase of a new computer.

    Have a brilliant Birthday. Hopefully now you will have time for yourself rather than the job. Big hug Buddy.

  15. Enjoy semi retirement and your birthday Hugs Elaine

  16. Happy Birthday and Happy Semi Retirement! I am a new follower - I came to your site from Shirley's blog. Your cards are amazing. Thanks for a chance to win this awesome candy and hope all your dreams of retirement come true. Happy Crafting!!!!

  17. Happy Birthday Faith sorry it's late. I'm so behind in my commenting! I'm sure you'll fill your free time no bother. Look forward to all your craft makes! x

  18. WOW Happy Belated Birthday I am soooooooooooooo behind in commenting it is untrue, I am sat up in bed doing it now with hubby snoring his head off as I cannot sleep!

    Such fab candy and I am sure the winner will be very lucky xx

  19. Hi Faith, Happy Belated Birthday, I've missed so much, you've semi retired too, congrats, I hope you'll have a wonderful relaxing time now LOL Great cards here again and I must thank you so very much for all your lovely supportive comments whilst I've been away, Gay xxx

  20. Happy Birthday and happy semi-retirement, good luck to everyone else.


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