Saturday, 31 March 2012


I had a fun day yesterday with everyone in work laughing at me with my T shirt, of course I wore it! then congratulating me on retiring and saying see you Monday, a few of us girls went out to lunch in anticipation of future days! They did me proud, I am such a lucky "girl" to have such lovely people around me, I even had the office decorated, with Congratulations banner and some great old people sayings, like "I laughed so much tears ran down my legs" a bouquet, balloons, more presents, a voucher and cash for me to buy "crafty stuff" all this and I go back on Monday for 2 days a week. A bit embarressing really, but my gosh did I enjoy it, such a WONDERFUL day, thank you girls for ALL your efforts.  It made me feel really special.
AND of course THANK YOU ALL  for joining in.

I roped my hubby in to make sure I could get all the photos as it happened, I chose to use a little treasure chest given me a few years ago, seeing as it would be for a little treasure (hopefully) for someone.  Here are the photos as they happened - 

HUMUNGOUS DRUM ROLL................................. 

CONGRATULATIONS Linby, hope it all pleases you. if you could send me your address your prize will be in the post on Monday a nice little parcel for Easter :)


  1. Hi Faith, I'm glad they made a fuss of you and you had a good time :0) Congrats to Linby too, Gay xxx

  2. Congratulations to Linby ! So glad you enjoyed your semi farewell party and I be you looked super in your t shirt. Now you will have more time to wow is with your crafting.


  3. Well done to Linby .
    Faith enjoy your semi retirement Hugs Elaine

  4. ooooh it's me! how exciting - thanks so much Faith, I've emailed you. I'm glad they gave you a good send off at work, even if you are back next week LOL!

  5. Hi Faith, I loved your T-shirt! I'm glad you had a great day at work. Enjoy your semi-retirement :) Congratulations to Linby too :) Sarah x

  6. YAY - well done Linby. Hope you're enjoying your semi-retirement. xxx

  7. So pleased the office sent you off in style (even though you'll be back!!!) xxx

  8. How nice that your co-workers "retired" you in style. Be prepared, retirement seems to be the busiest stage of life!


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