Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I have a niece who is mad about horses, and as she is, over 40, shall I say, I have over the years made many different types of cards with regard to horses, well this year it's going to be different to ANYTHING she has had before, not only is it a CAS card, but also has ribbon you can only just see and cut out horses.  I shall leave you to ponder that for a little while LOL.  I used a horse from a file by, she is so clever, I made it into a border in Fairycuts, cut it out with my Cricut added the ribbon, I used gradients with PS inside so the text matched the ribbon, hope she likes it.

 I don't think my niece looks at my blog, I hope not anyway, however her Mum does, so no telling her Anne :)

Oh! OK then I'd better show you. I'll show the ribbon, it's the same ribbon I used Here and there is still plenty left.

Here is the ribbon inside the card
OK OK I'm getting there here is the card the close up of the horses and ribbon

At last here is the card, hope it isn't a let down after all the hype LOL.


  1. WOW!!!!! This is gorgeous and such a clever idea. Your niece is going to love this.
    Denise xx

  2. how very cool this is Faith! Those are a "horse of a different color" for sure!

  3. Very clever Faith! Such a lovely and original card.

  4. This is amazing, Faith! Love those horses!

  5. A brilliant idea Faith... i love that ribbon
    Lisa x

  6. What a fabulous idea Faith, a terrific card
    Beryl x

  7. This is fabulous Faith! I love the ribbon showing through the die cut horses. x

  8. It is certainly NOT a let down Faith! What a brilliant idea and I love the CAS design too - definitely the kind of card I'd love to receive!

  9. Faith, what a great variation on the horsey theme! I love that ribbon behind the cutouts… perfect CAS design, bet she loves it too :0)
    Jenny x

  10. Wow! This horse card is fabulous! What a brilliant idea! Very effective Kx

  11. Fabulous idea Faith - great card. It has instant impact! Also had to smile at Holly's comment - so true!


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