Thursday, 5 May 2011

My winnings!

I am thrilled to bits, I came home today, from work, to a parcel from Kellylou at the Pink Paper Palace, a fantastic range of goodies as you can see.  Thank you Kellylou, I know how busy you are and I am absolutely thrilled with it all, lots I haven't had before, so it will be a challenge to me to try these lovelies out. Thanks again for a great assortment. AND the beautiful card you sent with it, love it


  1. Well I did warn anyone who liked my triangle they would be crossed of my list how could you like it ?my sister said it reminded her of a toblerone !!!


    Nice pile of goodies you got there.

  2. Wow it looks fantastic congrats
    Jacki xx

  3. Oh well done you - how lovely! Smiling with you hun.xx


It was so lovely of you to visit, if you have left a link, I'll be visiting you. I hope my work pleases you enough to make a return visit.