Monday, 21 March 2011


Here's a card I did out of a last years calender I saw in work, I asked if I could have it in the new year and this is the first one I have used (another 11 different images to go).   I used the cricut for the swirl and the "beautiful" cut out then Stickled it.

I had an order for a Wife card from a regular customer, I then had an unexpected leave thrust upon me as I have to use all leave, which I hadn't taken due to my fall and sick leave, before the end of March and the only week I could have was last week.  He hadn't given me the date except the end of March, so I took it in to work today to be told her birthday was on the 16th!!!!! so it now goes in to my stock box.  MEN!!  I did it especially for him as he likes this type of card, so it may be sold it may not, if not I'll give it to my hubby to give to me next year lol.


  1. hiya , what a loely card and like you i like to recycle card when i can , what a pity your customer missed out on the chance to gie it to his wife , maybe he will take it for mothers day you never know x tfs

  2. hi again , that should say lovely card in the post above !!!!!not loley ???


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