Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A new card

I made a card for "stock" I saw someones cherry blossom in the last week or two and I loved it, I knew I had a similar image in my digi stamps, so decided to have a go at making one for myself, when I did it, a little bit of inspiration from somewhere, (where does it come from?) the bigger flower stood out, so instead of colouring it all I decided to go red instead of pink and coloured the big flower.  Then what sentiment? so I made my own up, (I think) as I read so many I may have read it somewhere and it stayed in my tiny mind lol, inside it says"It's your birthday". Not a lot of imagination there I hear you say lol. I've tried a new way to present my cards, by blurring the background, let me know what you think.

The digi is by Creativemindofsylvie the font is NevisonCasD, I glossed the flower and that was it.


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