Friday, 25 February 2011


I haven't been on the puter today, but had to log in to see all the cards in the Less is More challenge.  I seem to spend more time on other peoples blogs and looking at their fab cards than concentrating on the 2 I HAVE to do by tomorrow, I love how quickly I can do cards sometimes and others it takes me hours and hours, so I am going to have a look at some colour combintions to see if they can put a bit of sense to all the ideas I have had from so many visits to blogland.

I have made one, you know I always say I can't stamp, well I have stamped this with a Docrafts stamp and Brilliance multicolour ink I have had for years and years.
I actually stamped the centre with a frame and scroll by Audrey J Roberts


  1. Lovely card, that scroll is so pretty.

  2. Well done Faith. See, you CAN stamp after all! The more you practice, the easier it becomes, HONEST!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog again and leaving me a nice comment.
    Hugs, Sandra


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